dimanche 3 avril 2016

G2A Legit or Scam

G2A Legit or Scam
G2A Legit or Scam
G2A is a games distribution marketplace. Similar to eBay, Amazon, Alixepress. G2A itself does not sell the keys and software on the site, the users do. G2A acts as a intermediary, connecting the buyer to the seller.

So if you have been scammed on G2A by receiving a wrong key. It isn't G2A's fault because you got scammed by a seller. G2A is trying to these scams, on this purpose it have a G2A shield that protect you from being scammed !

Why you have to buy from G2A ?

Keys of different platforms

G2A is proving games on different platforms (Origin, Steam ...)

G2A Discount Code

There's a lot of G2A Discount Codes, that give you the ability to make chep games cheaper

Individual sellers

Anyone can join G2A and start selling keys!

Third-party sellers

G2A is a marketplace for buyers and sellers of game keys to come together

Cheaper games

G2A is guarantying the cheaper prices always!